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File Explorer X - Two windows
File Explorer X - Menu Sorting
File Explorer X - Advanced view
File Explorer X - Task View
2017/01/09 07:00
File Explorer X is a new generation of file managers for Windows Mobile.
The file management app provides two windows that make it easy to drag and drop files.
The File Manager 2016 is ahead of its time and offers more possibilities like many similar apps on other mobile systems.
The app is multitasking capable and can process data in multiple operations at once.
For different views, the app also provides support for memory cards, One Drive and Dropbox.
The app was developed in uwp format and is also available for Windows.
Unfortunately, the limitations, on the part of the system, were so severe at the time that the app is not really usable on Windows.

The app managed more than 500,000 downloads in its time, for Windows Mobile alone, and is still one of the top apps in the store.
10.0 Lock screen - New lock screen
10.0 Lock screen - Customized colors
10.0 Lock screen - Again and again new
10.0 Lock screen - Individual Design
2016/12/04 07:00
Easily create a lock screen like Windows 10.
Use your own pictures and see how your lock screen changes every half hour.
There are a lot of settings available for this.
You will be thrilled!

The app is the official successor to the app 8.1 lock screen.
It provides several formats for editing the images.
A new, individual lock screen is created from the loaded and cut images every half hour.

The app is a top app for Windows Mobile and reaches more than 600,000 downloads.


- Supports all display formats
- Creates a new lock screen every 30 minutes from 3 different image formats
- Changing wallpapers
- Changing user images
- Advanced user information
- Adjustable colors
- Use of infinite number of images
- Infinite lyane possibilities
SSF4 AE Toolbox
SSF4 AE Toolbox
SSF4 AE Toolbox
SSF4 AE Toolbox
2016/07/25 06:00
Super Street Fighter 4 Toolbox.

Street Fighter 4 players will find plenty of information about the game here.
For all normal moves you will also find all Special Moves and Ultra Moves here.
In addition, some combos are included for all characters.

Although the app's format is still in outdated Windows Phone 7 format, it's fully operational on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Mobile.

So the Street Fighter Training is really fun.
Power Gym 8
Power Gym 8
Power Gym 8
Power Gym 8
2016/06/24 06:00
Your personal workout manager for Windows Mobile.
The app dates back to windows Phone 7 times, but is fully functional until the last Version of Windows Mobile.

With this app, you can easily create and manage your training plans.
Save your workouts and repetitions and see your achievements at a glance.

- Full animated application
- Advanced Workout Manager
- Create and edit your own weight exercises
- Create and edit your own cardio exercises
- Create your own groups for your exercises
- Overview for each training
- Overview for each exercise
- Send overviews as SMS
- Send overviews as e-mail
- Adjustable workout timer
- Timer vibrates
- Timer playback sound
- Advanced settings
- Disable/activate timer sound
- Disable/activate timer vibrations

- Set weight units KG / LB
- Set length units KM / Mi
- Turn off screen lock
- Running under lock screen
- Warning of app closure
8.1 Clock
8.1 Clock
8.1 Clock
8.1 Clock
2016/06/23 06:00
Your watch on your home screen.
The app was redesigned for Windows Phone 8.1, but is still available for the latest version of Windows Mobile.

With just a few settings, you can easily and quickly create a tile that shows you the date and time on the home screen.
Various features allow you to display extra data on the tile.

- Tile with different data on the home screen
- Minute-precise clock
- Battery indicator
- different designs
Tiles Silverlight
Tiles Silverlight
Tiles Silverlight
Tiles Silverlight
2016/06/09 06:00
Create your own tile for your home screen and link it to different actions.

Silverlight is a way of developing apps for Windows Phone. Silverlight has 3 types of tiles that you can put on your home screen.

- The Flip Tile, which can contain images and information.
- The Cycle Tile, which shows up to 9 images alternately.
- The Iconic Tile, which can display an icon and various information.

With this app, you can design any type of tile yourself. For this you have an editor with many great possibilities.
You can place each of these tiles on your home screen and add different actions to them.
This allows you to open links on the Internet or start various settings.
There are also many great templates.
Battery Live Tile Editor
Battery Live Tile Editor
Battery Live Tile Editor
Battery Live Tile Editor
2016/06/02 06:00
The most ingenious battery app for your Windows Phone 8.
Make your own battery icon for your home screen.
And use your own notification tones.
Use many of the elements available and create them according to your taste.
Or load new items and new notification sounds directly from the server into the app.

Advanced Live Tile Editor
- Create your own battery Live Tile
- Many existing components

3 own notification tones
- If battery power is low
- When battery is charging
- When battery is fully charged
- Download more notification sounds
- Add your own notification sounds

Parts Manager
- Download many components
- Import of own components

Extended overview
- Size graphic of battery status
- Display of remaining time on the back of the tile

Great system
- Available in 48 languages
- Language directly adjustable
- Detailed instructions
- Great support
Picture Safe
Picture Safe
Picture Safe
Picture Safe
2016/05/10 06:00
Password-protected images vault.
Protect your images from access by unknown users.
The Windows Phone 7 app also works on the latest generation of Windows Mobile devices.

This simple app allows you to create password-protected directories where images can be stored.
The operation is very simple and light.

- Advanced password protection
- Create Unlimited albums
- Creates thumbnails for albums with up to 300 images
- Import images into albums
- Exporting images to the media library
- Advanced image viewer
- Free trial for an album
- For WP7 and WP8
10.0 Screen Changer
10.0 Screen Changer
10.0 Screen Changer
10.0 Screen Changer
2016/05/02 06:00
Easy-to-use lock screen changer with great extras.
Switches your lock screen every 30 minutes.
Use your own pictures and tailor them.
Create a personal user information that you immediately know who owns the phone.

- Supports all display formats
- Creates a new lock screen every 30 minutes
- Changing wallpapers
- Changing user images
- Advanced user information
- Adjustable colors
- Use of infinite number of images
- Many possibilities
8.1 Music
8.1 Music
8.1 Music
8.1 Music
2016/05/02 06:00
With 8.1 music you can finally reach your music faster.
The new list view allows you to search super-fast for your artists, albums or songs.
A miniplayer, a small player and a full screen player allow you to take full control of your music. In portrait format as well as in landscape format.
Create your own design or download finished designs from the Internet.
There are also many extras.

- List view of your music
- List view of your playlists
- 3 different media players
- Supports portrait and landscape
- Short allusion of the titles
- Stop Timer
- Design Editor
- Load finished design from the Internet
- Stop the music and delete it from the media player
- 100 last renditions are saved
- Full color adjustment
- Lots of great extras