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8.1 Lock Screen - New lock screen
8.1 Lock Screen - Preview
8.1 Lock Screen - Cut mask
8.1 Lock Screen - Main menu
2016/04/30 06:00
Create a lock screen for your Windows or Windows Mobile with your personal images.
There is no more personalization for your lock screen.
The app offers a specially developed cut mask for your images, through which a new, personal lock screen is created again and again.
8.1 Lock screen creates a new lock screen from your images at regular, freely adjustable intervals.
A random pattern always creates a new, unique lock screen from the previously cut images.

Important note:
For this app, a newer version is available, with more possibilities.
My Anonymous ID
My Anonymous ID
2016/01/27 07:00
Displays the Anonymous ID of the Microsoft user account.
Each Microsoft account has an ID with which data is supposedly shared anonymously with the device.
This app can be used to read this ID.