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Hexacon - Leaderboard
Hexacon - Easy start
Hexacon - Completed level
Hexacon - Connection points
2016/06/24 06:00
This ingenious and simple skill game always pushes you out again and again.
Move the hexagons skillfully and connect the right colors.
In 25 levels with 350 levels, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.
Share your results in the world rankings and prove your skills to players around the world.

Hexacon is available for Windows and Windows Mobile.
The game is available in 40 languages.
Certainly also in yours.
Math Attack - Main menu
Math Attack - Easy start
Math Attack - Higher level
Math Attack - Settings
2016/06/22 06:00
The ultimate math training game.
This was developed in 2016 for Windows Phone 7, with the aim of promoting head computation in such a way that the player's calculation method changes in the brain.
Small increases in simple computing tasks, which have to be solved under time pressure, result in new calculation paths that train the head calculation to high performance.
With little playing time per day, the games quickly become head-rake geniuses.

In 2017, during a hacking marathon in Pforzheim, this game was ported to Windows and Windows Mobile and awarded as the winner.
The game is still available for free in the Windows App Marketplace.

Have fun with head rake training

We also released the source code to our GitHub account.

It can be used freely under the GNU license.

So it's worth taking a look inside.

Here's how it's done:
Using Visual Studio 2015
Open project

Happy Coding
Police Shooter - Main menu
Police Shooter - Level 1
Police Shooter - Desert Level
Police Shooter - Suburb
2016/04/02 04:00
Criminal chases in a different way.
Police Shooter is a game that proves that not much is needed to develop games.
The game was written in its time as a Windows Universal app and uses the simplest techniques.

The gameplay is simple and simple.
Shoot all the masked crimes and don't get a fake one.
For criminals who are not caught or for accidentally wrongly killed we deducted a life.
Red-marked serious criminals leave a bonus or weapons.

Serious criminals protect themselves.
Unfortunately, Microsoft has taken the game off the store because the serious crimes look like Angela Merkel or Barack Obama.
We think we've met the right people for this and are releasing the full source code of the game on GitHub.

Have fun testing.