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Project Shoot Em Up
Project Shoot Em Up
2019/12/29 07:00

To develop a more sophisticated and larger game, we launched the Project Shoot Em Up for Windows Mobil in 2017.

The game was written in C# with Visual Studio 2015. XNA was used as the games framework.
After a development period of one year, the project was unfortunately terminated because Visual Studio 2017 no longer supported the XNA Framework.

Since Windows Mobil has been professionally broken by Microsoft, unfortunately it makes no sense to develop the game in the form at the moment.
When we have put the source codes back together, we will look for a way to port them to Android.
There seem to be emulators or other solutions for the XNA framework.

We also posted the source code to our GitHub account.

Under the GNU license, it can be used freely.

So it's worth a look.

Have fun