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11 August 2022 11:21
See how easy the APPNET OS 2.0 HTML source code compressor, CSS and JavaScript cache work Compress the source code removes all spaces and empty columns from the output source code. The CSS and JavaScript cache offers many possibilities in dealing with scripts and styles.

26 July 2021 05:05
Build your own Conky Sidebar with xtrose Conky.
xtrose Conky can handle multiple display resolutions and is easy to install.
The sidebar is built by several conkys and is easy to expand.


- Date / Time
- Processor
- Memory
- Network
- Battery
- System

25 July 2021 18:07
With xtrose DynDNS you get a simple, free DynDns solution without external providers and hidden costs.
The required online web server can create an infinite number of subdomains for dynamic IP's.
The method used is easy to implement.
For the client servers, the servers that have a dynamic IP, a simple cron job is set up with cron, which sends a simple curl query to the web server at regular intervals.
The web server, which receives the curl request with a PHP script, checks whether the IP of the client server has changed and builds new apache config files.
Another cron job on the web server checks whether there are new apache config files, copies them to the apache config directory and restarts the apache application.
With just a few scripts and a simple setup, you can quickly create your own DynDNS server.
24 July 2021 08:59
New on xtrose
In our newly established Dev Studio section, we will publish many programs, scripts and helpers that we have developed for our own purposes and are now publishing for everyone.
You will find here from applications that make development easier to Linux server applications that help you in many areas.
All our applications that we publish here are licensed under GPL and may be freely used by anyone.
If you extend or change an application, please observe the GPL license, stay fair and publish your newly built developments.
If you develop your own helpers, scripts and applications under the GPL license, then we will be happy to publish them here for you.
Please contact us on our contact form.

We wish you a lot of fun and success.
27 June 2021 20:22
Last week we developed a great app for conducting a photo and video competition.
Join everyone and show us your statement against racism.
There are many great prizes up for grabs.
Among other things, cash prizes up to 500.- EUR.