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05 January 2021 15:45

After a long wait, the time has finally come!
Our new xtrose web application 2021 is online.

The web application based on APPNET OS has been developed directly for our needs, is multilingual, super fast, creates very good PageSpeed result and is fully manageable by administrative area.

Opened with graphic highlights and animations, it is absolutely fascinating.

If you have any questions about the web application and the technology used, please use the contact form.

Have fun testing.

02 January 2021 15:10

As promised, we publish all projects and source code of our Windows and Windows Mobile.

We start with our Game Studio apps.
4 of our games projects we released today from GitHub.
It's worth looking past.

The projects are subject to the GNU Public License and may be used freely.

Have fun testing.

27 December 2020 10:01

App areas available now.
Our new APPNET OS app, to display our applications, is now complete and already in use.
The app, which was developed only for this website, represents most areas of our new website.
The possibilities have been perfectly tailored to our requirements.
The new application has been linked to all areas that represent apps and our work.

Soon we will publish all our works here and fill the page with life.

Have fun browsing

27 December 2020 09:43

Welcome back to our Game Studio section.
Two of our games are still available in the Windows Store.
We have now listed them here.
Have fun testing.

Developers beware!
Soon we will publish many source code of games here.
There are also games that are no longer available in the Store.
Among other things, the source code of Project Shoot Em Up is published.
A game that was discontinued after a year of development.
The source code is all subject to the GPL license and can be used freely.

27 December 2020 08:51

Welcome back to our App Studio section.
We've sorted our apps and all of those still available in the Windows Store are now published here.
Many of the apps are still available for the outdated Windows Mobile system.
If you still use that system, then it's definitely worth browsing.
To speed up the process, we copied the images and descriptions from the Windows Store.
The overrides have been translated automatically.

Developers beware!
Soon we will publish many source code of apps here.
The source code is all subject to the GPL license and can be used freely.