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xtrose Menu Bar
xtrose Menu Bar
2020/09/01 08:00

Fully animated, multilingual menu bar with many bootstrap design possibilities.
All menus and submenus can be configured completely from the App Administration area. Simply create a new menu or submenu and provide a link or URI ID. The generated menu loads all active languages and provides an easy way to translate the content.
In the settings, any area of the menu can be configured with all available bootstrap colors.
The app is a container app. Simply set the desired size via the App Settings. The App Cache stores the result of the output in the database, which makes rendering and output extremely fast.

- Quick and easy to configure menu bar
- Registration button with integrated registration form
- Multilingual, menu can be created separately for each language
- Colors fully configurable via the administrator area
- Container app. Size configurable via app settings
- Administrator area in 6 languages. English, german, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian
- Multiple installation and configuration possible
- Free for non-commercial projects