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18 September 2020 18:00

After two years, the time has finally come. xtrose Media Studio is back online.
So far, you will find little content here. These will now be processed and added again shortly.

Actually, we just wanted to develop a new web application for the presentation of our software, which has become APPNET OS, a powerful application-based operating system for web applications.

With APPNET OS, we are taking a new path in the development of web applications.
APPNET OS offers a complete system that covers everything for your web application. And for free.
If you would like to learn more about it, visit our new APPNET OS website.

What happens next?
Currently, we focus mainly on websites and apps based on APPNET OS.
In the future, we want to include apps and games for Android in our work.
We will withdraw from the development of Windows apps and games, as Windows Phone unfortunately no longer exists and applications for the Windows Store are not worthwhile.

Have fun